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The Old Town of Alexandria. located just outside of Washington DC has been named as the Best Place to Go owing to the exemplary beauty and natural landscapes. The city was ranked to be the best travel destination for people who like exploring the different realms of the world. The city has a quaint character attached to it, which makes it the top of the bucket list of places that you should visit.

If you are still thinking as to why you need to travel to Old Town Alexandria, these compelling reasons will make you understand the beauty of the amazing town.

  1. It is home to the renowned art center: known as the Torpedo Factory Art Center, that once was the producer of naval munitions, the art studio has the look and feel of n 80s place showcasing painting, ceramics, photography, jewelry, stained glass, and sculpture.
  2. The amazing music hall: Want to enjoy music with can make you feel lifted and rejuvenated. The music hall has been the performance center for many such people.
  3. Get to visit Mount Vermont: The famous estate of George Washington is just outside the city limits and a must-visit for everyone who is in the country. The ground appears to have the same look as it did 200 years ago.
  4. The gorgeous river views: Alexandria is not only the place for natural history and museum, but it is also the place where you can have a good time at a boat cruise, enjoy waterfront dining and follow through the scenic bike paths.