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Capitol Hill Books – Books, books, and more books

Capitol Hill Books Washington DC (by Laetitia-Laure Brock)

Image by Laetitia-Laure Brock

Claustrophobes beware – Capitol Hill Books is definitely not the place for you! The tiny Eastern Market area shop is bursting at the seams with used books, stacked in (somewhat organized) floor-to-ceiling piles. Everywhere. Even in the bathroom, which doubles up as the foreign language books section, volumes in French, Spanish and Italian share space with a toilet and a sink. There’s books (about business actually) in a closet and books covering the windows. In short, there literally are books everywhere!

Capitol Hill Books reminds me of one of my favourite bookstores in the world: Shakespeare and Company on Paris’ Left Bank. They’re both local institutions and their owners are a dying breed in the age of Nooks, Kindles, iBooks etc. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re really a bibliophile then you won’t want to miss this Capitol Hill gem.

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