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Shop Local With Green Passport DC

Posted at April 12, 2012 by rohan 11 Comments

Welcome! Check out our featured DC area business Maids in Black, DC Cleaning Services.

Here’s a brilliant idea I think you guys should check out as you’re hanging out in the DC area for the next few weeks.

Clean Currents, the Washington area’s leading green energy company, supplies local homes and businesses with clean, renewable wind power. From April 3rd – May 6th, Clean Currents will guide you to some of the greenest spots in town.

Use your smart phone to check in at wind-powered businesses and you’ll be entered to win a $2,000 grand prize with many other lesser prizes at stake! Plus, select a non-profit when you register and Clean Currents will match your reward with a donation to that organization!

To play, simply have your smart phone ready to check in at DC wind-powered locations.

Scan the QR Code (using the QR Reader App) or by visiting on your mobile browser to earn credit for playing Green Passport DC.

All locations are sustainably operated businesses, wind-powered by Clean Currents. Scattered throughout the city, these green destinations include popular establishment like Bus Boys and Poets.

Get out in the city, support Wind Powered businesses, and enjoy!



Shop Local With Green Passport DC